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4c Security are Proud to be providing security officers Though out Qld.  

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Do you need Security control and have your mind at ease for your Special Day?

AVOID Theft, Damage to Property; Gate crashers on the most special day of your lives

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Wedding Security Service

4C Security specializes in providing a very professional service for Weddings, whether it be at a private home or function centre. 4C Security is also available for special events, such as private shows and live performances. We provide a very distinctive service which is often required but not thought of until after the occasion has been held. 4C Security understands that your wedding day is one of the most memorable special and important days of your life, we want to ensure nothing can go wrong. Our security guards have excellent knowledge regarding the LLA (liquor license Act) and RSA (responsible service of alcohol).

A premises that provides alcohol and is only licensed to serve it within the property, should at no time allow alcohol to be taken of the premises. Otherwise the owner of the licensed premises could incur a very large fine. This fine may be passed on to the who rented the premises. Having security eliminates this stress for the Groom and Bride allowing them to concentrate on other important factors on their special day. Our wedding security staff provide professional excellent customer service to the guests making them feel very welcome and comfortable. They know how to deal discretely with individuals that may be intoxicated and also ensure liquor stays on premises and is not removed.

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Our wedding s security staff respect that this is YOUR SPECIAL DAY:

–  If a situation escalates they will defuse it quickly and deal with it very professionally and discretely. They will NEVER physically touch anyone or create a scene that may be noticed by the guests.

4C security staff are certified qualified and trained on how to de-escalate
potentially dangerous situations, crisis intervention and more. With our knowledge
and skills we can assure your wedding day will be a memorable one!

We also provide security guards to protect and monitor your home during the time you are attending your function. Giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your home is safe from a burglary and your valuables are safe.

We provide marked security vehicles if requested as well.

In our time of providing this service, we can proudly say we have never had a loss occur.

So while you are attending your wedding reception, you can be stress free and know we are there monitoring your home safe. Eat, drink and dance all night, our staff will await your safe arrival at home and then leave. All this and we guarantee we provide a very affordable rate, for further details contact us TODAY!

Whether you require security or not, we wish you all the best on your special wedding day!

Don’t forget to check out our labour hire.We will do the dirty work for you from rubbish removal to cleaning your whole event. This will allow you to enjoy your precious time together without the worry.

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